Monday, March 9, 2009

BellyDancePrincess- my etsy shop

BellyDancePrincess is my etsy shop where I show off my "Eclectic Jewelry for Dancers & Those who Love Beautiful Things..."
I make mostly One of a Kind and occasionally Limited Quantity Pieces.

I'm a professional belly dancer, originally from Istanbul, Turkey (My belly dance website is ) I started making costume jewelry for myself, mainly because I had trouble finding exactly what I wanted,even when I spent a lot. Much to my delight, I started receiving a lot of compliments wearing my own designs!

I love jewelry that adds to the beauty of the wearer, not just jewelry that’s beautiful on its own. In other words, it should look even more beautiful on the person wearing it than it does in the display case.

I love using rich colors and combining them. Also, I tend to use a lot of Turkish evil eye charms. I like adding them into my jewelry because they are considered good luck (they are made to look like eyes to reflect back the negative looks of those who wish ill upon you). I mean even if you’re not superstitious, you have to admit that they are a great design element!

In my etsy shop, I recently added the $5 or Less and $3 or Less sections. Also, I have many items on sale right now, so I hope people take advantage of the low prices!!!

At this point what takes me the longest is taking photos of my jewelry. I always struggle with the lighting and focusing the camera. My jewelry is much prettier than it looks in photos:)
Pictured to the right is my "Mysterious Ways Anklet" which I listed in my shop a few days ago.
The pic above shows my most recently listed earrings -"Sweet Blue Squares". It's the first time I used a vase to display the earrings in a photo...