Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Shimmy Cabaret

Check out my SPRING SHIMMY CABARET Earrings. I named these beauties after my yearly Spring Shimmy Belly Dance Show since that's what inspired me to make them...

I think fans are the perfect accessory for the glamorous- whether you use them for dancing or to cool off, they have no substitute. I loved seeing women actually using the fanciest fans to cool themselves off when I was in Spain. I guess that's the one positive aspect of watching an opera in Madrid without air conditioning, in the summer...

These Vintage Filigree Fans are so ornate and feminine. I added Czech Glass Flower Drops in Peridot Green and Pearlized Fuschia. They move ever so elegantly... They are also a great size- large enough to be noticed but small enough for versatile wear.

We have juniors with moms rehearsal tonight at Alice's house for the upcoming Spring Shimmy Show on Sunday May 24th (For details visit my belly dance website I hope they're ready!!!

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  1. I can't wait to see that mother-daughter dance!