Friday, June 26, 2009

Trip to Istanbul

Check out the earrings I just listed: "Run with Scissors" Earrings- Kind of Quirky-so I listed them under the category of geekery.

I've started packing (well, barely...) for my usual summer trip to Istanbul. I always struggle with: 1. jewelry making supplies , 2. costumes; I never know which ones I should take with me. It's a problem maybe because of the weight limit they have. Jewelry making supplies and tools don't necessarily take up much room but are so heavy. And belly dance costumes, especially the beaded and fringy ones, take up space and weigh a lot. I will have trouble deciding... One of my fave costumes needs to be fixed because it was accidentally torn by one of the guests at a wedding where I was performing - so I guess I should take it with me just to have it fixed.

Tomorrow I'll be celebrating my birthday at Taverna Plaka at 11 PM (my b-day is actually on June 28 which is sunday)! I hope friends and students can make it!

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