Monday, March 16, 2009

Millefiori Madness

This spring, I'm all about millefiori beads in jewelry! I have a couple of items already posted in my etsy shop but there is more coming. Of course, my spring line is not all beaded with colorful millefiori , I have many other pieces too. For instance, here's a picture of my Neo-victorian Key earrings in antiqued gold and black. I can't give up black in any season...

Friday night was the Belly Dance Superstars Show in Atlanta. I met up with some old friends to have dinner beforehand. Jenna, who picked me up from my condo, looked so pretty in her yellow outfit which inspired me to make the "Millefiori Jenna Bracelet in amber yellow" you see below. It has an evil eye amulet and flower which dangles from the clasp area.

I've always adored millefiori beads. For some reason, they remind me of my childhood. Literally translated, millefiori means "a thousand flowers" (if you already knew that, great! It took me a semester of Italian class to figure that out :) ) I love the vivid colors and detail that exists within each bead. And although they may look alike when they come from the same batch, no two beads are exactly identical. In a sense, millefiori beads are a lot like people: Each one is an individual with its own unique character which can never be truly duplicated.

During Saturday troupe practice with Esmeray and Kiraz, we were talking about the dancers who always have to “do it a little differently” than the rest despite the fact that they’re in a group number (Ofcourse, there are times when this is simply due to a lack of talent or some other inability). I’ve always felt like that has to do with self confidence- like they’re afraid of getting lost in the crowd so they have to find little ways to set themselves apart. Unfortunately this only serves as a distraction and obstructs the sheer power of movement in unison.

The truth is the best dancers ALWAYS shine, they have no need to do things "a little differently" or slightly out of sync in order to be noticed.

Kiraz pointed out that when there is great unison in movement, each dancer's individuality is highlighted because that becomes the thing that sets them apart. I have to agree. I see this with my own troupe dancers. I think a great dance troupe is a lot like a strand of millefiori beads, they have great presence and beauty when together, but each dancer's unique presence always shines through.

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