Friday, June 5, 2009

Show's over!

My annual "Aya's Spring Shimmy" is now over and was a great success!!! I love my dance students - I love watching them improve and develop into dancers they probably never imagined they could be. I made some jewelry for my mother and daughter class to perform in, but I wasn't able to make any for the others- mainly because everything I came up with would have taken way too long- their dancing, not them wearing jewelry I made was my main priority.

Since the show's over, I have been able to start a couple of new projects. I just started making another piece for my Turkish Crescent Line. On the left is an example of the line, my Turkish Crescent Pendant in gunmetal and jet black. The pendant I just finished has shorter garnet and black fringe.

We just had the show DVD viewing party at Alice's house. All the troupe girls were there except for Nesrin, who was really sick. Hope she feels better soon. I wanted to make my intermediates some matching jewelry, however the charms I ordered still haven't made it over from China! Oh well, I'll work on other stuff till then...
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